Advent Atlantis: Countdown to Season 4

Get Ready for Season Four of What We Adore!

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Advent Atlantis
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mmmchelle and thegrrrl2002 would like to invite you to join us in counting down to the premiere of the fourth season of Stargate: Atlantis! Sure, we don't know exactly when season 4 is going to begin, but it's never too early to start in with the fun.

Our intention is to create a little corner of the web where we can be silly, celebratory, and, whenever possible, porny, while making the endless wait till the start of next season pass a little more quickly. Each weekend we will choose a new theme, and we invite you to send us your suggestions. For example, we could have a day devoted to John's pants and the posting of ficlets, caps, and artwork connected to the theme of John's pants and why they seem to be so very fond of gravity. Or maybe a porny icon day. Or a day when everyone cites their favorite Rodney line.

Check out our tags list for previous topics of interest!

While the moderators are both McKay/Sheppard slashers, the community is open to all Atlantis fans, gen, het, slash, and bifictional. Discussion is welcome and squeeage is downright encouraged. However, we do ask that all spoilers, no matter how minor, include a warning and are placed behind an LJ cut.

Thank you for joining us. We look forward to squeeing with you.

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