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25 July 2007 @ 08:49 pm
Johnny, Are You Queer?  
These aren't necessarily my all-time favorites from Season Three, but they're the three exchanges I pulled out for our SGA: Johnny Are You Queer discussion that's been taking place around LJ and at various cons.

~Tao of Rodney~

McKAY (smiling, his eyes still closed): You love me? Really? All of you?

SHEPPARD (awkwardly): In a way a friend feels about another friend.


SHEPPARD: Year and a half? You ever hang out with anyone else besides me and Teyla? I’m not saying we’re sick of you or anything. I dunno -- are you datin’ anyone?

DEX: You mean like a woman?

SHEPPARD: Or a man. (He shrugs.)

~First Strike~

ZELENKA (sulkily): If we survive this, I’m putting in for a transfer.

McKAY: Oh, please. We both know that you’ve done your best work under me.

ZELENKA (raising his head out of his hand indignantly): Under you?! I’m my own department head, you know.

McKAY: Please! We both know that department is a joke.


SHEPPARD: Why don’t you two guys just make out and get it over with, huh?

(The other two stare at him.)
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SPACE GANDALF: sheppard's hairdressing - siriaevetrinityofone on July 26th, 2007 01:59 am (UTC)
OMG, did that song actually start making the rounds and I MISSED it? I've been meaning to do something with that forever! Isn't it awesome?

I would also like to add to this tally:

SHEPPARD: Celine Dion is overrated!